Sign Your Page

Here's a quick start guide on how to sign your pages with RDF and join the Semantic Web. First, start off by putting up an RDF description of your self (with an optional link to your PGP key):


<wn:Person rdf:ID="joe">
  <name>Joe Bloggs</name>
  <mbox rdf:resource=""/>
  <homepage rdf:resource=""/>
  <pubkeyAddress rdf:resource=""/>


Let's pretend that we've placed that file at Now we have an address in the Semantic Web:

Now, we can add some metadata to our pages. Stick something like in between the <head> tags of your web page:

<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf=""
  <rdf:Description rdf:about=""

      dc:title       = "My document"
      dc:description = "My ramblings about my summer vacation."
      dc:date        = "2001-09-10"
     <dc:creator rdf:resource="(uri-of-your-rdf-description)#joe" />
     <wot:assurance rdf:resource="(uri-of-document-signature)" />


Now, if you want you can use PGP to sign your homepage and place the signature at the address identified by (uri-of-document-signature) above.

If you look in the source code for this page, you can see that it is signed in just this way. The GPG command I used was: gpg -ba filename

Congratulations! You're now a Semantic Web pioneer.

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