Welcome to the Semantic Web Chat

Welcome to the Semantic Web's IRC channel (irc.openprojects.net:6667 room #rdfig). It's really part of the RDF Interest Group but general Semantic Web discussions are considered acceptable. More official information is on the RDF Interest Group homepage.


The logger bot keeps public logs of the chat (in text, HTML and RDF) and is maintained by Dave Beckett. Prefix messages with [off] if you don't want them to be logged. Logger can be turned off and on by saying logger, off and logger, on, respectively. Logger accepts commands publicly, using logger, COMMAND or privately with /msg logger COMMAND. For a list of available commands do a /msg logger help or visit the help page. The source code to logger should be available soon.


An online scratchpad is maintained by the Daily Chump software. If you enter a URL into the the chat with nothing in front of it, it will add it to the scratchpad. An introduction on using the chump is available.

Here's an example of using the Chump:

<ircuser> http://xmlhack.com/
-dc- A: http://xmlhack.com/ from ircuser
<ircuser> A:|An excellent XML site
-dc- titled item A
<ircuser> A:Daily news for XML developers
-dc- commented item A

On the scratchpad will go something like this:

An excellent XML site

ircuser: Daily news for XML developers


The server is hosted by Open Projects Net*. If you're new to that network or to IRC in general, it's probably useful to read their guide to using the network.

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