My Story

This is how AaronSw (me) got involved with all this technology stuff. Since everyone asks me this question, I figure I might as well write it down:

It all started one day, a year or two ago, when I got it into my head that I wanted to build a website that would keep track of the news and categorize it for me. While investigating the options and alternatives in the field, I came across RSS, an XML syndication spec. As I began to research and investigate the field, I noticed that development was moving pretty slowly. I jumped in and wrote a simple RSS parser and news aggregator over the summer, which I used to keep track of the ever-growing list of sites on topics I was interested in.

One morning, I checked my email and I had about 4 duplicate messages from some guy I'd never heard of before, Rael Dornfest*, announcing a project called RSS 1.0. It looked cool, so I joined in and started asking them lots of questions about it. Soon I began contributing and answering other people's questions about the spec. Eventually I asked if I could join the Working Group and they voted me in.

One of the big questions behind RSS 1.0 was whether it should be based on RDF. I was steadfastly opposed to the idea, and tried hard to talk folks out of it. It didn't work, so I had to begin to do some real research on this RDF thing. And you can probably guess what happened from there:

I joined all the email lists and began playing with it and researching it. I built a couple RDF tools and things and tried to answer people's questions. One day I received an email announcing a new RDF Core Working Group at the W3C and so I decided to join. I'm now a member of the WG, on behalf of the HTML Writers Guild*.

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