Future of the Web

You can't escape the question: What's the future* of the Web?

Well, I hope that we'll see the Web takes steps to complete the dream that Tim Berners-Lee (the Web's inventor) has had for years:

  1. We'll see easier and easier ways for the average person to have a website instead of just browsing others. Tim's original dream was that with a Web browser would also be an editor and making a new page would take only a few clicks.
  2. We'll see more and more semantic meaning being added to HTML documents. So instead of HTML being used as a presentation language, we'll begin to see people actually saying what they mean instead of how they want it to look. That way the same HTML page will be able to work on all sorts of different devices (computers, cell phones*, voice browsers*, TVs, etc.). Programs will also be able to extract more useful information out of HTML pages and do things with it.
  3. We'll see the beginnings of the Semantic Web start to appear.

That's enough predictions for me.

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