Daniel J. Bernstein (djb) has spent his professional life making the Internet more secure.

Changed federal law: In 1992, when export restrictions treated encryption software as a dangerous weapon, he wrote Snuffle, which showed how to use a safe-to-export secure hash function to encrypt and decrypt. When he asked the censors for permission to publish Snuffle and the paper describing it, they refused. He sued the government for permission and his case, Bernstein v. United States, sucessfully got source code ruled as protected speech under the First Amendment and the export restrictions overturned. The government changed the law to simply require notification before export, he is now challenging that.

Wrote Internet post-office, name lookup, and web serving software without bugs: Bernstein's post-office software, qmail, has had one bug found since 1.0. His name lookup software, djbdns, has had none found since 1.0. His web serving software, publicfile, has had two bugs found in it since the alpha was released.

Fastest FFT, hash, public key, and digital signature software: djbfft holds most of the speed records for double-precision FFTs on general-purpose computers. hash127 computes a secure hash (which helps prevent forgery) much more quickly than previous systems at the same security level. nistp224 much faster than comparable systems. sigs does digital signature verification at incredible speed (150 microseconds on a Pentium-100).

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